Top 5 Best Auger for Fence Posts In 2022

Best Auger for Fence Posts

With so Many Brands Out There, Finding Best Auger for Fence Posts is pretty difficult. Augers aren’t solely for construction purposes. These are versatile tools that you can use for various purposes like digging holes for fence posts, supports for a deck, and so on. This tool will make digging holes faster, cleaner, and easier.

Many consider an auger indispensable. If you find the best auger for fence posts, you can make holes with the right depth without much effort. Augers allow you to dig into the ground directly, whether you choose a manual or powered one. Using an auger will also save you time and provide less stress while you work.

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Auger for Fence Posts

When digging a hole for installing fence posts or any other project, your needs will basically be the same – to dig a hole to a specified depth. A hole that’s wide enough for the post. For this, there are many augers you can choose from to make the task much easier. When choosing one, you need to consider different factors.


These days, there are fewer people who dig holes manually since this task is physically demanding. Instead, people use augers to help get the tasks done efficiently and quickly.

There are two types of augers although both can do the same job. First, are the traditional handheld or manual models. These have two blades that will manually cut, then scoop the soil out. The second type is the automatic model, which uses a rotating auger to displace the dirt, then pull it out of the hole.

While the main function of an auger is to dig holes for posts, you can also use it for other projects like tilling the soil, creating holes for planting bushes, trees, shrubs, and more. You can even use some of the automatic models for drilling holes when you go ice fishing.

If you plan to purchase an auger, spend some time considering what you need the tool for. If not, you might end up with a very costly tool that you can’t make the most of. For instance, if you need to dig a couple of holes at a time, it’s recommended to choose a simple manual auger.

If you need to do more than that, it’s recommended to get an electric, battery-operated, or gas model. Also, remember that if you need to secure a fence post using concrete, the general rule is that the holes should be 3x wider than the post.

Depth Capacity and Engine Power

Depth Capacity and Engine Power Auger for Fence Posts

When it comes to augers, the most efficient models come with powerful motors that have between 2 to 5 HPs. The bigger the engine of the auger, the more efficiently it will perform, especially when you need to drill root-filled or tough soils.

Although the 2-stroke auger models are significantly cheaper than the 4-stroke models, the latter creates more noise. For if you prefer an eco-friendly choice, you may choose a more affordable earth auger that’s electrically driven.

When you consider the depth of the holes you need to make with the auger, the best choices are the ones that come with powerful motors. Generally, augers come with bits of different lengths, although this will depend on the model you choose. Some even offer extensions to make them more versatile.


Those who look for augers should also focus on the durability of the model. This factor is greatly affected by the types of materials used in the auger’s construction. Fortunately, most of the choices offered online are of sturdy materials, the most common of which is steel.

To make sure that the unit you plan to purchase will pass the test of time, it’s recommended to take a closer look at the positive and negative reviews written by those who have already bought the same model.

Top 5 Augers for Fence Posts

TAZZ Earth Auger

TAZZ Earth Auger

Many consider the TAZZ Earth Auger the best auger for fence posts. a gas-powered auger equipped with a powerful Viper engine. It’s durable enough to make digging holes a breeze. This model can dig holes up to 36-inches deep. It features welded handlebars, a durable spring, and a breakaway clutch that absorbs shock for safe and smooth operation.

With the power that the TAZZ Earth Auger provides, you can dig in different types of soil and dirt. Start the unit by pulling the recoil, then engage the throttle. This auger has a fuel-efficient engine and a translucent gas tank so you can when you need to add fuel. The transmission of this auger uses alloy ball bearings and gears, and aluminum castings, which make it strong enough to withstand repeated drillings.


  • Comes with a heavy-duty spring that absorbs shock.
  • Features a breakaway clutch to minimize torque even when it hits obstacles while you dig.
  • A high-performance model that comes at an affordable price.
  • Comes with a warranty good for 3 years.


  • It’s relatively heavy.
  • Some claim it’s not suitable for hard types of soil.

Southland One Man Earth Auger

Southland One Man Earth Auger

The Southland One Man Auger offers superb performance, especially if the job requires digging deep holes in tough soil. It’s specifically designed for extreme and hardy use. This auger has a heart-stopping power that will effortlessly and quickly dig holes even when used in sandy, clay, or rocky soil. This makes it an all-around machine that’s perfect for professionals and homeowners.

Aside from having high-quality materials, the Southland One Man Auger also complies with the environmental protection laws. Having the perfect combination of a powerful engine and ease of use, this auger will make quick and short work of even the most tightly-packed and toughest soil. Its best feature is its dependable engine that can reach impressive speeds for efficient and quick drilling.


  • The manual recoil delivery system for fuel has an easy-start feature.
  • The drive shaft in the direct gear is of solid steel for superb durability.
  • Features detachable handles for convenient storage and better balance.
  • Comes with an owner’s manual to ensure proper use.


  • The blade tends to wear out easily.
  • Some issues with starting when not used for a long time.

SuperHandy Earth Auger

SuperHandy Earth Auger

If you plan to work on small-scale tasks only, you may consider the SuperHandy Earth Auger. This is a fence-post auger that has a compact size, it’s easy to use, and perfect for small projects. It weighs only 31 lbs and doesn’t have a wire allowing you to easily move around with it.

Although the SuperHandy Earth Auger has a small size, it has a robust engine that achieves impressive speeds. It comes with a 2-Amp Hour Lithium-ion battery which means that you can dig as many as 30 holes continuously. One of its most outstanding features is its reverse-torque control, which will help you eject the tool easily if it gets stuck.


  • An efficient machine that digs holes smoothly and easily.
  • Features an overload protector that prevents the overheating of the powerhead.
  • Doesn’t produce a lot of noise and smoke.
  • Suitable for installing fence posts and for gardening tasks too.


  • It won’t work if the battery runs out.
  • Some issues with the instructions in the manual.

Landworks Earth Auger

Landworks Earth Auger

The Landworks Earth Auger is another choice for the best auger for fence posts as it’s made of durable carbon-coated steel. Its blades are of alloy steel for superior toughness. Since this is a battery-powered model, it doesn’t run on fossil fuel, which makes it less noisy and eco-friendly. Also, the auger’s brushless motor makes the drilling process a lot smoother.

The Landworks Earth Auger also comes with widely-spaced handlebars for increased balance and convenience while you work. The auger even has a planetary gear mechanism for better efficiency of the transmission. The model’s overload protector prevents the powerhead from overheating.


  • Comes with a lithium-ion battery and its own charger.
  • Cordless for convenience and you can use it for different types of soil.
  • Features a reverse function, which is very useful when something gets jammed inside.
  • It’s lightweight despite having plenty of features.


  • Some issues with the instructions on the manual.
  • The paddle switches tend to get stuck.

Roughneck Auger Type Post Hole Digger

Roughneck Auger Type Post Hole Digger

The Roughneck Auger Type Post Hole Digger is also considered one of the best options for most types of soil making it the perfect tool for digging holes for square and round posts. It has spiral-shaped blades that can penetrate the soil easily to create holes. You can also adjust this model to get the hole depth you need. Do this by twisting the handle counterclockwise or clockwise.

The Roughneck Auger Type Post Hole Digger features a hardened blade that can cut through most types of soil, but you may have to put in some effort when working on rocky or clay soil. Also, this is a manual tool, which means that it’s not recommended for digging too many holes.


  • Cuts through most types of soil.
  • Made of heat-treated material with comfort grips.
  • The long handle is of heavy-gauge metal for added durability.
  • The T-shape of the handle increases its ease of use.


  • Not ideal for rocky or clay-type soil.
  • Some claim it’s a bit lightweight.

What else is an auger for?

What else is an auger for?

An auger is a tool used to dig holes. But you can also use it for a wide variety of applications, although this will depend on the specifications of the model you have bought. For instance, if you want to plant crops or perform other simple gardening tasks, you only require a small auger.

For bigger tasks, like planting trees, installing fence posts, or doing lawn work, you need a device that has bigger bits. It’s also worth mentioning that there are large augers that you can use for extracting water and other resources or for removing all of the soil from a specific area. Another use of augers is for extracting soil samples.

Most ice fishers depend on augers to drill holes in the ice. These are specifically designed augers that can cut through ice. No matter what type of digging you plan to do, you can find an auger that will suit your needs perfectly.

Safety tips when using an auger

Remember that augers, especially heavy-duty ones, are power tools. Therefore, safety should be your main concern. Here are some tips for you to consider to avoid accidents or reduce the risk of injuries when you use an auger:

  • Make sure to read the whole manual first, then follow all of the recommended safety precautions before you start.
  • Wear the right protective gear when using an auger. Since this tool can whirl rocks and dirt at high speeds, you should wear long pants, eye protection, and sturdy shoes. It’s also recommended to wear gloves and have some kind of head protection too.
  • Wearing jewelry or losing clothing while using an auger isn’t advisable.
  • If you have buried anything under the ground like lines for your sprinkler, you should know exactly where those things are before you start digging with an auger.
  • It’s safer to use an auger at a slower speed whenever possible.
  • Make sure to turn off your auger before you remove it from a drilled hole.
  • Always prepare for any unexpected occurrences. For instance, a thick tree root could bring your auger to an abrupt stop. You shouldn’t let your guard down while you work with this tool.
  • Cover all open holes to keep yourself protected from injury.
  • Maintain your auger regularly. Remember that a well-functioning and clean tool is much safer than one that is never maintained.


An auger should be part of your tool shed as you can use it for a wide range of jobs from putting up fences to planting flowers. The best auger for fence posts is a heavy-duty type that performs the work you need.

To help you determine which auger to choose, remember what you have learned in this guide. Once you decide to buy an auger, consider the highly-rated models recommended here.

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