5 Best Wood Chippers for Small Farm

Best Wood Chippers for Small Farm

What is the best wood chipper for your money? Which brand of wood chipper is best? Best wood chipper for Small farms or rural property Well, Investing in a durable wood chipper will save you money, effort, and time while providing you with raw materials to convert into kindling, mulch, and more. You can also use the raw materials to make compressed wood for projects that involve woodworking. 

As a small farm owner, you don’t have to purchase a huge wood chipper. Even a small one will have the capacity to handle most of your small farm’s maintenance needs. Just make sure that you buy the best wood chipper for a small farm.

The best ones can function as a leaf or wood shredder too. That way, it can handle most debris on your farm and save storage space too.

How to Choose the Best Wood Chipper for Small Farm

When choosing a wood chipper for your farm, you have to consider several things. For one, there are different types of wood chippers. Understanding how these types differ is essential when choosing the best machine for your needs.


Wood chippers fall into 3 main categories: electric, gas, and power take-off (PTO). But the types of wood chippers can also depend on the mechanism inside the machine:

  • Gas Wood Chippers

This type of wood chipper uses a large steel drum mechanism powered by a motor. This drum is parallel to the hopper at the top and it spins towards the chute. The blades are on the outside. These blades shred wood into small pieces, then propel the pieces into the discharging chutes. 

These chippers are very powerful and have either a fuel or gas engine. You can attach these chippers to a vehicle for easier mobility. They have hydraulically powered wheels that regulate the rate at which the material goes into the drum.

  • Electric Wood Chippers

This type has an electric engine. The machines have a freewheel equipped with blades for chapping, then chipping wood. They have wheels that are hydraulically powered and carry the materials to the disc from the hopper at the top. 

You can use electric wood chippers for commercial purposes because they perform very well. One downside is that they tend to create a lot of noise while working. They are also very heavy, which means you may have to attach them to a vehicle when you want to move them.

  • Power Take-Off (PTO) Wood Chippers

This type of wood chipper doesn’t have an engine. Instead, it draws power from the driveshaft of a tractor. You can also use a gas engine to power these wood chippers indirectly.

Since this type of wood chipper will only work when connected to a power source, you need to attach it to a vehicle first. This is one downside to consider before buying this type of wood chipper.

Weight and Size

You need to consider these features when buying a wood chipper because this machine is frequently moved from one place to another. When idle, you would store your machine or move it around your farm when needed.

Wood chippers powered by electricity are the lightest types. They also need less power compared to gas wood chippers. But gas wood chippers are the heavier type but have a greater capacity for small farms.


One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing the best wood chipper for a small farm is the materials it’s made of. The machine you choose should have the capacity to handle heavy-duty jobs. Its design and cutters should be of durable material.

Having a solid structure will reduce the maintenance level of the machine. The more durable and solid a wood chipper is, the more expensive it will be. But wood chippers that are highly durable will be more convenient because they won’t get damaged easily.


As the capacity of a wood chipper increases, it becomes a less desirable option. Also, as the capacity increases, you will also need a higher budget for the machine. If you own a small farm, you don’t require a great capacity in your wood chipper. But if you’re interested, wood chippers powered by gas provide a higher capacity.

Bag and Blades

The size of the bag depends on the size of your maintenance project. But it will be very helpful to have a big bag for collecting debris. Just remember that bigger bags are very difficult to carry when they’re full. Opting for smaller bags could be a safer option, especially if you can’t move heavy items.

Tasks ranging from light to medium are perfect for electric chippers that have 2 or 3 cutting blades. A gas-powered chipper with longer cutting blades can handle bigger branches for medium to heavy-duty tasks.

Reduction Ratio

The reduction ratio taken from wood chippers is one of the most important aspects to consider. The reduction ratio refers to how much or how small you can reduce the organic waste on your farm. 8:1 is the most common reduction ratio of wood chippers.

As the reduction ratio increases, the wood chipper can reduce all the waste it will work with drastically. Beyond this, you also need to think about the specific results and use you want to achieve on your farm. Also, as the reduction rate goes up, so does the price.

Top 5 Wood Chippers for Small Farm

#1. Patriot Products Gas-Powered Wood Chipper

If you want the best wood chipper for a small farm, choose one with a high rotating force to grind tough hardwood quickly. The Patriot Products Gas-Powered Wood Chipper offers performance features like a 10hp commercial Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine. You can depend on this chipper to shred leaves, branches, and wood quickly.

This chipper has a superb low-tone muffler so it produces minimal noise while you use it. It can easily make mulch, even from wood branches with a diameter of 3 inches smoothly and efficiently. Since the Patriot Products Gas-Powered Wood Chipper has a direct drive system, it doesn’t need belts and pulleys.

You can use this machine easily and comfortably. The chipper’s Y-hammer flails allow you to mince branches and twigs into small pieces. You can even chip wood of equal sizes, thanks to the double steel cutters. If you need to maintain your chipper, you can detach the Y-hammer flails and the twin cutters easily.


  • Big wheels for superb mobility.
  • Reliable wood chipper for shredding and chipping debris quickly.
  • Comes with an instruction manual for easy assembly.
  • Made of durable materials.


  • Some complaints with the quality of the blades.
  • Tends to get clogged often.

#2. Sun Joe Electric Wood Chipper

This chipper can make pruning hedges and shrubs easy to work. Powered by a 15-amp motor, the Sun Joe Electric Wood Chipper will easily turn small bushes and trees into uniformly-sized chips. As a small farm owner, you should have this machine, especially if you struggle with huge piles of yard waste. This electric chipper will process branches up to 1.73-inches thick with minimal effort.

One great feature of the Sun Joe Electric Wood Chipper is that it can grab hold of bigger branches too. This is a great time-saving feature. Its assembly is very easy and practically maintenance-free. You can rely on this machine when it comes to safety too. It has a safety stop already built into it that engages automatically when you open the hopper. 

This will give you peace of mind while you shred your farm debris. This is also an eco-friendly model since it doesn’t produce carbon emissions. It also comes at an affordable price while performing well.


  • It’s a versatile machine that turns garden debris into high-quality mulch.
  • Features a powerful motor that effectively shreds and chips even thick branches,
  • Comes with a locking knob to increase safety.
  • Has a compact design for easier portability.


  • You cannot use it for greenwood or fresh leaves.
  • The slot at the top is quite small.

#3. Landworks Mini Wood Chipper

This wood chipper has a Reduction Rate of 15:1, which means that it can handle high volume shredding, chipping, and mulching, thanks to its Large Extended Feeding Chute. The Landworks Mini Wood Chipper can also handle up to 3 MAX limbs, debris, and branches.

This machine has a light and compact design compared to other chippers made of steel. The Landworks Mini Wood Chipper has a Vertical Extended Discharge Chute and an Adjustable Discharge Guide that delivers accurate discharge of debris with just the right-angled range.

The wood chipper has a powerful recoil and a Horizontal 4-stroke Single Cylinder OHV Gas Powered Engine. It can handle wood up to 3 inches in diameter with minimal effort. This is a great choice for chipping tree limbs or branches, shredding bushes, mulch corn stocks, and leaves.


  • You can pull it by hand or attach it to an ATV or tractor.
  • Features a powerful gas-powered engine.
  • Made of durable and rust-resistant steel making it a very reliable machine.
  • Comes with a warranty of 3 years.


  • It’s one of the more expensive models.
  • Adjusting the blades is quite challenging.

#4. PowerSmart Wood Chipper

Another best wood chipper for small farms is this electric model. The PowerSmart Wood Chipper is the ideal tool for handling small branches. This combination farm tool can also function as a leaf shredder and wood shredder.

This electric wood chipper comes powered by a 15-amp motor and it has a safety locking knob. The PowerSmart Wood Chipper won’t clog if you use it to shred branches and leaves with no moss. The powerful brushless motor gives the machine a longer life span. It also has an ultra-silence design to enhance your work environment.

The compact design of this chipper plus its small wheels make it easy to move around. You can easily bring this machine to locations where you need it. With all of these benefits, you can name this machine your farm-care partner.


  • Turns twigs, foliage, and lawn clippings into high-quality mulch.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Features a locking knob design to increase safety.
  • Comes with a warranty of 2 years.


  • Assembly is a challenge.
  • Tends to get clogged often.

#5. SuperHandy Wood Chipper

The SuperHandy Wood Chipper is a multifunction chipper that’s perfectly effective for your small farm needs. It’s designed to cut through wood up to 3-inches in diameter and comes with an elongated discharge chute that you can adjust easily to the length you prefer.

This chipper can handle wood easily, which makes it perfect for trimming the trees on your small farm. The SuperHandy Wood Chipper also sports a body coated with steel powder and treated with heat to make it resistant to rust.

This has a fuel capacity of approximately 0.7 gallons, which means that it can work for a long time. You can also move it around quickly from one place to another because it has durable wheels. Although it produces some noise, it isn’t noticeably loud compared to other models with the same features.


  • Easy to hook up with other accessories and equipment.
  • The unique design reduces the likelihood of clogs while working.
  • You can use it for landscaping, mulching leaves, recycling green waste, and more.
  • Comes with a warranty of 3 years.


  • You can’t use it for pine cones, palm fronds, and fresh grass.
  • It’s difficult to close the latch of the chute.

Why Do You Need a Wood Chipper?

It can be very challenging when you try to get rid of debris on your farm. Although there are many ways to do this, the best way is to use a wood chipper because this machine grinds leaves and branches into small pieces which you can then use for various purposes. Here are some benefits of having a high-quality wood chipper:

  • Create useful materials from your farm debris

From big pieces of wood, the wood chipper will convert these into small pieces that you can use for mulching and other gardening uses. The tiny pieces contain moisture that will enrich your soil, regulate its temperature, and improve water absorption.

  • Remove unwanted farm waste

When you use a wood chipper to remove shrubs, hedges, and trees from your farm, you can do this without making a mess. A wood chipper will make the cleaning process more effective and faster.

  • Exert minimal effort

Using a wood chipper is very simple. Instead of cutting down trees or burning firewood, pass them through the machine to produce materials that you can use.

  • Environmentally friendly

The most popular way to get rid of branches, twigs, and trees is by burning them. But this is very environmentally harmful.

When you burn waste materials, poisonous fumes rise up into the atmosphere, which then contributes to global warming. Passing these materials through a wood chipper converts them into useful materials without compromising the environment.

How to Use and Maintain Your Wood Chipper

Using a wood chipper isn’t complicated. To always be on the safe side, make sure to read your machine’s user manual before starting. When using a wood chipper, you should wear protective gear like safety gloves and glasses, a hard hat, boots, and more. Also, remember that the diameter of the wood shouldn’t exceed the wood chipper’s cutting diameter.

After using your wood chipper for some time, you may notice that it’s taking a long time to chip wood. This is an indication that the blades have become blunt. You need to either sharpen or replace the blades. For the former, you can do it yourself using a filing stone. Disconnect your wood chipper first before detaching the blades. Here are some tips for you:

  • A blade with a single side should undergo sharpening after 25 to 50 hours of use.
  • Then you can sharpen it again another 2 times. After that, you need to replace the blade. 
  • A blade with two sides lasts longer. You can sharpen it after 150 to 300 hours.

The frequency of sharpening the blades depends on how much you use the wood chipper. When monitoring your use, it’s better to count the actual hours instead of the months. For instance, you may have used your wood chipper for 3 months but the hours you accumulated might just be very few.

It’s advisable to check the conditions of your blades after every 10 hours of use, then sharpen them when needed. As you have just learned, the actual time between sharpening depends on the type of blade in your wood chipper.


Having the best wood chipper for a small farm is a great way to keep your property clean while providing you with high-quality mulch to nourish the plants you grow on your farm.

Like any other machine, there are always factors that you must consider when purchasing a wood chipper. These can include the type, capacity, weight, size, durability, safety, and so on.

Whichever wood chipper you decide on, make sure that you have considered these factors and your needs. Hopefully, this guide has helped you with your search for the best wood chipper for your small farm.

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