Can Chickens eat a Toad?

Can Chickens eat a Toad?

Despite what most people think, chickens have a diverse diet and have no problem eating different animals. However, can chickens eat a toad? 

Unfortunately, chickens cannot consume toads, and Toads are highly toxic and can even kill chickens. This article will discuss why you should keep your chickens away from toads.

How dangerous can Toads be for Chickens?


While chickens eat different species of frogs, they cannot eat toads. Most Toads are poisonous animals with small nodules on their back, and these nodules have toxic milky substances to all animals. Chickens that kill and eat Toads will get sick or even die.

Here are a few toxic toads that you need to protect your chickens from:

  • Colorado River Toad
  • Can Toad

It is difficult for most chicken owners to tell apart a frog and a toad. However, remember that most toxic toads have a light color. Toads are also not as nutritious for chickens as frogs are, so there is no need for chickens to eat them.

Why do chickens eat animals like Toads?

Chickens have a hard time resisting eating, hunting, or chasing any prey that is small enough to get a hold of. For chickens, foraging is natural, and they are good foragers. Chickens will consume lizards, snakes, small rodents, insects, and bugs.

Are Tadpoles safe for Chickens?

Tadpoles are safer for chickens than Toads and are a safer option than Toads and frogs. Chickens regularly consume tadpoles. However, if you don’t want your chickens to eat tadpoles, ensure the birds stay away from the pond. 

However, you won’t have to try hard to keep the chickens away from the pond because they hate spending time in the water. Chickens will not jump into the water even after tadpoles. 

What is the main difference between a Toad and a Frog?

Now that we have addressed this query: Can chickens eat a Toad? We will discuss the main differences between a Toad and a frog. If you have spotted Toads or frogs leaping around in your backyard, and you’re not sure what species they are, you can tell them apart in a few ways.

The main difference between a toad and a frog is that frogs are better jumpers because they have longer legs. Frogs are typically more colorful than Toads, spend more time in the water, and have smoother skin.

Toads, unlike frogs, live on land. Toads have drier, thicker skin and a chunky appearance. Toads have short legs than frogs and have more menacing facial expressions.

What are the biggest risks of Chickens eating Toads?

Chickens will run after toads if the opportunity arises. However, there are some risks you need to know about. Toads carry all sorts of parasites and diseases that can transfer to chickens. 

The milky substance that toads release from their skin can make chickens sick and, in a few cases, may even kill the birds. 

If your chicken has eaten toad and is not feeling well, you must observe her; if you feel her condition is worsening, rush her to the vet. You also need to watch chickens if they are foraging in an environment with toads.

If you see your chicken holding a toad in her mouth, immediately take the toad out and wash the mouth with clean water.


In this article, we focused on whether can chickens eat a Toad. Toads are poisonous creatures and are harmful to chickens. We have also explained the main differences between toads and frogs so that you can tell the animals apart.

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