Can Chickens eat Almonds?

Can Chickens eat Almonds?

Chickens, like most wild bird species, eat all types of nuts and seeds. Almonds are a popularly cultivated seed, so it makes sense that some chicken owners will feed their chickens almonds.

 However, can chickens eat almonds? Yes! Almonds are safe to eat for chickens. In this article, we will discuss how you can feed almonds to chickens and which varieties of almonds are unsafe for chickens.

Are Almonds Good for Chickens?

Almonds are good for chickens because they have a high protein content, and almonds are essential for their development and growth. Also, almonds have a high fiber content, enabling chickens’ digestive systems to function properly.

There is no shortage of vitamin E in almonds, which keeps the immune system in chickens strong, and vitamin E also protects the cells from oxidative damage. Almonds also have a mineral called magnesium that is important.

Magnesium is part of several biochemical processes in the chicken’s body and is essential for proper functioning enzymes, nerves, and muscles.

Lastly, almonds are high in fat, and small quantities of almonds can benefit chickens in the winter months. In the winter, chickens require a lot of fat to stay warm, and most chicken owners feed them foods high in fat. 

How to prepare Almonds for Chickens?

The best way to prepare almonds for chickens is to crush them. However, you don’t need to blanch or shell the almonds; crushing will be enough. 

However, there is no need to go overboard with the crushing before giving them to the chickens. Give the almonds a slight tap with a hammer, pass them through a rolling pin, and feed them to the chickens. 

How to feed Chickens Almonds?

Now that you know the answer: Can chickens eat almonds? Let us discuss another important query. 

Please remember that chickens lack teeth and peak at food to break it up. Almonds are perfect to scatter around to allow chickens to forage for food. You can scatter the almonds or place them in a feeder for the chickens.

How many Almonds should you give to the Chickens?

While almonds are nutritious, it is best to give chickens a small quantity of them, and almonds don’t have all the nutrition that chickens require daily. Also, if you feed chickens only almonds, it can cause health problems. 

You should give the almonds a proper diet, and your chicken feed should have the right nutrition content. Typically, three to four almonds at each feeding are good for adults, and for chicks, one almond per feed is good enough. 

Can Chickens eat Salted Almonds?

You can give your chickens grocery-store-bought standard almonds. However, you should ensure you are not feeding your chickens salted almonds, and seasoned or salted almonds can make chickens sick. 

Excessive sodium is unhealthy for chickens and can cause dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and other health problems in chickens. 

Can Chicks eat Almonds?

Yes! Almonds are safe to eat for chicks; however, it is good to wait until they are three weeks old before giving them almonds. Three-week-old chickens have a properly functioning digestive system, which can easily digest almonds.

There are also some concerns with feeding almonds to young chicks. Chicks can choke to death if they cannot swallow the almonds. Even if the young chicks swallow the almonds, they can cause crop impaction. The best thing to do is give a starter feeder diet to chicks. 


In this article, our focus was on this: Can chickens eat almonds? While chickens can eat almonds, only the sweet variety is safe. Please refrain from giving chickens salted almonds, as they can make them sick. Almonds are very nutritious, so a small quantity of them will benefit chickens.

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