Can Chickens eat Apples?

Can Chickens eat Apples?

Chickens are omnivorous birds and have varied diets. Chickens eat meat, fruits, vegetables, and different small animals. However, can chickens eat apples? Yes, they can. In this article, we will discuss how good apples are for chickens and how you can add apples to their diet.

Are Apples safe for Chickens?

The apple is the most popular fruit worldwide and is famous for its sweet taste. Apples offer several benefits to chickens, such as strengthening their immune system and bone structure. 

However, apples have high sugar content, and while they cannot harm chickens and are packed with nutrients, it is best to give chickens a balanced diet.

Can Chicks eat Apple Pie?

Apples are safe for chicks, and experts recommend adding them to their diet. Apples have a high nutrition content, and chicks will benefit from that. The apples will help the chicks grow healthy and strong. 

How to prepare Apples for Chickens?

Now that you know the answer to this: Can chickens eat apples? Let us discuss how to prepare apples for chickens. While some chicken owners feed their chickens whole apples, that is not practical. You need to remove the seeds, so you cannot do that if you feed your chickens whole apples. 

However, you do not need to peel the apples, as chickens can eat the apple skin. You should cut the apples into small pieces and not feed your chickens more than four apples per week.

Can Chickens consume Apple Cores?

Yes! Apple cores are safe for chickens and not unhealthy for them. However, apple cores have a hard exterior and are tough to eat for chickens, which can also cause choking in chickens.

Since the seeds are in the apple core, you should only give the chickens the cores after eliminating all the seeds.

Can Chickens consume Apple Peels?

Yes! Chickens can eat apple peels, and they are not dangerous for chickens. Apple peels are rich in fiber, which is good for chickens.

 However, you must determine whether your chickens like the peel or not. Make a mixture of unpeeled and peeled apples, and give them to the chickens. This is the best way to see if they like apple peels.

Can Chickens consume Apple Sauce?

Chickens love applesauce, and it is also safe for them. However, once again, remove the seeds before mashing the apples to make the sauce.

Can Chickens eat Apple Pie?

While chickens can eat apple pies, but only occasionally, Apple pie has an extremely high sugar content, and too much apple pie can harm the birds.

Where to get apples for Chickens?

For autumn or spring planting, consider apple trees to ensure they are free of pesticides. Pesticides are harmful to chickens and can cause several health problems. 

You can also get your apples from your local supermarket or grocery store.

Ask the shopkeepers if they have apples past their sell date. You buy these apples inexpensively but must clean them thoroughly before giving them to the chickens. You can also watch apple trees in woodland and hedgerows and collect apples. 

In autumn, windfalls are plentiful, so look around the neighborhood and pick them up. However, once again, do not forget to wash the apples before feeding them to your chickens.


In this article, we focused on this question: Can chickens eat apples? Apples are extremely beneficial for chickens, and there are many ways you can feed apples to chickens. However, you must always remove the apple seeds and cut them into small chunks before giving them to the chickens.

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