Can Chickens eat Asparagus stems?

Can Chickens eat Asparagus stems

Chickens are omnivorous birds and like to eat several types of meats, vegetables, and fruits. However, can chickens eat Asparagus stems? Yes! Chickens can consume Asparagus stems. 

In this article, we will discuss the health benefits of Asparagus stems for chickens. We will also explain how you can feed Asparagus stems to chickens.

What are Asparagus stems?

The Asparagus stems, also called asparagus stalks, are stems on the asparagus plant. These stems are famously woody at the ends and tender at the tips. 

Do chickens like to eat Asparagus stems?

Not only are Asparagus stems good for chickens, but they enjoy eating the stems. However, while Asparagus stems are safe for chickens, they should only comprise 10 % of their diet. Asparagus is a good source of minerals and vitamins and consists of potassium, iron, and vitamin C.

What benefits do Asparagus stems offer to Chickens?

Now that we have answered this question: Can chickens eat Asparagus stems? Here are some benefits that Asparagus stems offer to chickens:

  • The stems are rich in several nutrients that are good for chickens, such as vitamins K, A, and C
  • Asparagus stems have a high fiber content which can help in reducing obesity and enables the chicken to stay full for a long time
  • The stems can keep the chickens’ digestive system healthy and protect them from digestive disorders
  • The stems have antioxidant properties to reduce the risk of cancer in chickens

How to prepare the Asparagus stems for the Chickens?

While chickens can eat Asparagus stems, you must clean them before feeding them to the chickens. The stems have a tough exterior; you must chop them into small pieces before giving them to the chickens.

How to feed the Asparagus stems to the Chickens?

While many vegetables taste better than Asparagus, chickens love the Asparagus stems. However, you must ensure your chickens consume the Asparagus stems in moderation, and too much Asparagus can cause health issues in chickens.

You must feed small pieces of Asparagus stems as big pieces are difficult to eat for the chickens. However, if this is the first time you feed Asparagus stems to the chickens, ensure you give them a small quantity. Sometimes chickens may not like the taste of new food items and may not eat them.

How many Asparagus stems are good for Chickens?

Chickens should always eat Asparagus stems in moderation. The stems should not be the only thing the chickens eat; you should provide them with a balanced diet. If you plan to add Asparagus stems to the chickens’ diet, they should make up a small portion of the regular diet (Less than 10 %).

Giving your chickens Asparagus in small quantities a few times a week is best. 

Are there drawbacks to feeding Asparagus stems to Chickens?

This question has no clear answer because we don’t know whether Asparagus stems are bad or good for chickens. Some experts believe the stems are healthy for chickens, while others believe they can cause colic. 

However, we know that Asparagus stems are high in cellulose and fiber, and this can make the stems difficult to digest for chickens. That said, Asparagus stems also offer many nutritional benefits so you can give them to your chickens.


In this article, our focus was on whether chickens can eat Asparagus stems. Asparagus stems are healthy for chickens and are packed with several essential nutrients. 

However, like with everything else, you should feed the chickens the stems in moderation. We have also explained how to prepare the stems before feeding them to the chickens.

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