Can Chickens eat Avocado?

Can Chickens eat Avocado?

Chickens are hardy creatures, can handle all kinds of foods, and usually know what they can and cannot eat. However, can chickens eat Avocado? Unfortunately, avocados are unsafe for chickens. In this article, we will discuss why chickens cannot consume avocados.

Why are Avocados unsafe for Chickens?


Avocado pits, skins, and leaves are all toxic for chickens. They consist of a compound called Persin. While Persin is commonly found in avocado seeds, a trace of the compound is also found in the fruit’s flesh. Here are some effects on chickens of eating too much Avocado:

Liver damage

High levels of anethole and estragole in Avocados can damage the chicken’s liver. 


If your chickens have eaten avocados, they can experience vomiting and acute skin irritation.

Allergic Reactions

The chickens may experience hair loss and itchiness depending on their sensitivity.

Gastrointestinal Irritation

This is the most common side effect of eating Avocado in chickens, and this condition can affect egg production in chickens.

Is there a safe way of feeding Avocados to chickens?

Now that we have discussed this question: Can chickens eat Avocado? Is there a safe way of giving avocados to chickens? You will be surprised to know that there is a way. Here are some tips that will be helpful for you:

Eliminate the fruit’s skin

You should always remove the Avocado’s pit and skin and give it to the chickens. Ensure there are no missed pieces of skin in the fruit’s flesh, or it will become unsafe for the chickens.

Scoop the flesh out

If you scoop the fruit’s flesh out of its skin, leave a little flesh on the skin as a barrier. Even an accidental scrape may drag some of the skin on the fruit’s edible parts.

Only feed the Avocado in small amounts

Please remember that even the fruit’s flesh contains small quantities of Persin. Persin can kill chickens, so if you feed your birds Avocado, ensure you only give small quantities of the fruit. 

Are there benefits of the Avocado flesh for chickens?

Avocado Flesh

A small quantity of avocado flesh can be beneficial for chickens:

High Fiber content

Avocados have a high content of fiber. Fiber regulates the water in the intestines and protects the birds from health problems.

High Water content

Some chickens drink more than a liter of water on a hot day. Avocados are a great water source, and they can help chickens stay hydrated during the hot summer months. 

What happens if Chickens accidentally eat Avocado pits and Skin?

Even if you accidentally give chickens avocados, they will show little interest in the fruit. Chickens are intuitive and often know which food is good or bad for them.

However, if your chickens eat the poisonous parts of the Avocado, such as the skin and pits, you should take them to the vet. If your chickens have consumed a small quantity of avocado flesh, they can weather the storm.

Even a small taste of the avocado skin won’t do much to the chickens, but if your birds are reacting, it is best to take them to the doctor.

The moral of the story is while chickens can eat avocado flesh, it is best to be on the safe side and not feed chickens avocados at all.


In this article, we answered this question: Can chickens eat Avocado? We discussed why avocados are unsafe for chickens. While there is a safe way of feeding avocados to chickens, we recommend not feeding the fruit.

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