Can Chickens Eat Banana Peels?

Can Chickens Eat Banana Peels?

Most chicken owners don’t mind sharing their food with the chickens. However, can chickens eat banana peels? Yes! You can give them banana peels but with caution. In this article, we will discuss how you can prepare and feed banana peels to chickens.

Do Chickens like eating Banana Peels?

While you can give your chickens banana peels, the better question is will the birds eat the peels? Some chickens adore banana peels, but others will ignore them. If your chickens like eating banana peels, you should let them have them because they are healthy.

Are Banana Peels safe for Chickens?

We are certain you know the answer to this question: Can chickens eat banana peels? However, are the peels safe for chickens? Pesticides are often sprayed on bananas to protect them from bugs, and the pesticides will stay on the banana peels until you wash them. 

This is not a problem for humans because we don’t eat peels. However, pesticides can become a problem for chickens. Wash the peelings with warm water to prevent the pesticides from harming your chickens.   

You can also purchase organic varieties of bananas for your chickens. Farmers never use pesticides when growing organic bananas. 

How to prepare the Banana Peels for Chickens?

Peels are difficult to consume for chickens, so some chickens may not eat them. To ensure your chickens eat the banana peelings, you must prepare them to make them easier to digest.

The first step is to boil the banana peels for ten minutes. 

The boiling process will soften up the bananas. You can also chop the banana peels into small chunks and give them to your chickens. You can even blend the peels with other food items in a blender. 

What benefits can Banana Peels offer to Chickens?

Banana Peels

While bananas are healthy, do peels have the same nutrition profile? Yes! The banana peels are packed with nutrients and vitamins that benefit chickens. Here are some benefits:

High water content

First, you should give your chickens banana peels because of the water content. 75 % of a banana is water, and a lot of that water is in the peels. So in the summer, bananas can help chickens stay hydrated.

High Vitamin A content

Vitamin A is essential for chickens; it fights diseases and keeps them healthy. Vitamin A also helps mucous-producing glands in the throat, nose, and eyes, and these areas protect the chickens from viral diseases.

The mucous will trap the viral infections and prevent them from entering the bloodstream and the lungs. 

High Potassium content

Water alone is insufficient to keep chickens hydrated; they also need small amounts of salt and potassium. Bananas have a high content of potassium, and so do the peels. 

Feeding chickens ripe peels in the summer is the best treatment for them. The peelings will offer electrolytes and stable water intake. 

How many Banana Peels can Chickens eat?

Any food item can become toxic for chickens if given in large quantities. For instance, while sugarcane juice is good for chickens, too much will make them sick.

 If you feed your chickens, a high quantity of banana peels can fatten the chickens up. To protect your chickens from obesity, feeding them banana peels in moderation is best. 


In this article, we addressed this query: Can chickens eat banana peels? Banana peels are healthy for chickens and provide many benefits. However, you must always prepare the peels before feeding them to the chickens. We have also explained how many peels are safe to eat for chickens.

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