Can Chickens eat Beets?

Can Chickens eat Beets?

Chickens owners are always curious about what they can feed to their flock. However, can chickens eat beets? Yes! Chickens can eat all parts of the vegetable, such as the stems, main part, top, and leaves. In this article, we will discuss the benefits beets can offer to chickens.

Are Raw beets safe for chickens?

Raw beets are safe for chickens and can be a healthy addition to the chickens’ diet. Raw beets are known to have medicinal properties, contain minimal starch, and are rich in essential minerals, vitamins, and proteins.

Are Cooked beets safe for chickens?

Now that we have answered this question: Can chickens eat beets, are cooked beets safe for chickens? Experts recommend boiling or cooking beets before giving them to chickens. 

Cooked or boiled beets are easier to digest for chickens and more nutritious than their raw counterparts. 

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Are Pickled beets safe for chickens?

Pickled beets are safe for chickens and have a good nutrition profile. Pickled beets are a good fiber source and rich in vitamins and protein. However, while most ingredients in the pickling liquid consist of harmless ingredients for chickens, they can contain preservatives.

Give the chickens pickled beets in moderation if preservatives are in the liquid. Too many processed or artificial ingredients can be harmful to chickens.

What benefits can beets offer to Chickens?


In the cooking process, cooked beets may lose some nutrition, but raw beets have a good nutrition content. Here are some benefits that chickens can derive from beets:

High Vitamin content

Beets are a natural source of vitamins for chickens and humans. The vitamins that are present in beets are vitamins C and A. 

A healthy quantity of vitamin A is essential for the chickens’ immune system, and the vitamins can also improve the brain, kidneys, and vision function.

Vitamin C is also powerful; it lowers blood pressure, balances sugar, and is a natural antihistamine.

High Fiber content

Beets have a high fiber content, and if you want to feed your chickens something that will fill them up, consider beets. Also, don’t eliminate the greens; they have healthy antioxidants and are as fibrous as beats. 

High Protein content

The best thing about beets is the high protein content of the vegetable. Protein is crucial to the chickens’ diet and builds their muscle and tissue. You can consider adding beets to your chickens’ diet or give them as a treat occasionally.

High Folate content

Folate, also called Folic acid, plays a key role in the chickens’ brain function, and Folic acid is typically linked to emotional and mental health. If your chickens have a folic acid deficiency, it can make them lose feathers. If your chickens display abnormality and lethargy, it might be due to a lack of folate acid.

Adult chickens, who have folate deficiency, can produce chicks that have different deformities. Since chickens are prone to folate deficiency, you should give them beets, as they are a good folic acid source.

High Iron content

Beets also contain a high content of iron. Iron is an essential mineral and helps the chicken’s body to function normally. Chickens, like humans, can also face iron deficiencies. A chicken with iron deficiency can go into a coma and develop amenia. Beets are an ideal source of iron for chickens.


In this article, we answered an important question: Can chickens eat beets? Beets offer many benefits, and you can feed pickled, raw, and cooked beets to chickens. 

However, since beets are high in fiber, we recommend feeding them vegetables in moderation. High quantities of fiber can make chickens overweight.

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