Can Chickens eat Black Beans?

Can Chickens eat Black Beans?

When it comes to eating, chickens are resilient birds. Even if you leave chickens alone, they will find a way to survive. However, can chickens eat black beans? Chickens can only eat cooked black beans, and uncooked or raw black beans can be dangerous for chickens.

Can Chickens eat dry Black beans?

Yes! But only if you heat the dried black beans before giving them to the chickens. However, dried black beans are usually processed at high temperatures, so they lack toxins that can harm chickens.

Are Black beans good for chickens?

Now that you know the answer to this question: Can chickens eat black beans? Let’s discuss black bean benefits for chickens. Beans are highly nutritious and can replace different food sources such as meats.

You can use black beans as a protein source for the chickens. For instance, a cup of cooked black beans consists of 165 nutrients:

  • Iron: 27 % of nutrients
  • Manganese: 89 % of nutrients
  • Protein: 15 grams
  • Fiber: 11 grams
  • Calories: 168

If you give your chickens black beans, these nutrients will benefit them and enable them to grow. 

However, while cooked black beans are good for chickens, you must always remember to mix them with other foods. Providing chickens with a balanced diet is essential, and they should never rely on one food. 

How to feed Chickens Black Beans?

Black beans

If you plan to feed your chickens black beans, the best way is to soak the beans in water for a few hours. Then cook the black beans according to your preference. 

However, putting the beans in water won’t be enough to kill the toxins, so cooking them is mandatory. Cooked beans are softer than raw beans, so the chickens will have no issues digesting them. 

How can uncooked Black Beans harm Chickens?

Uncooked black beans or other bean varieties pose a threat to both humans and animals. Over 20 % of annual food poisoning cases are linked to uncooked black beans. 

However, while uncooked black beans will only give humans an upset stomach, in small creatures such as chickens, the effect is more dangerous. 

The uncooked black beans consist of Lectin, which is a compound. Lectins are part of several plant foods. While not all Lectins are poisonous, the ones found in black beans are. 

Uncooked Black beans also contain phytohemagglutinin, a toxin that is so powerful that it can kill chickens in minutes. Even if a chicken eats one to three uncooked black beans, she will be dead in no time. 

Lastly, raw black beans and other bean varieties can cause bloating and gas in chickens. Even if you plan to introduce cooked beans into the chickens’ diet, do it slowly. 

How to protect Chickens from raw Black Beans?

If you live in Latin America, there is a good chance you have planted beans in your backyard. Unfortunately, chickens are not as comfortable eating black beans as we are, and we have already explained why uncooked black beans are a bad idea for chickens.

If you have black beans in your backyard, you should cover them with a fence, and this will prevent the chickens from eating the black beans. Another method you can use is to keep the chicken forage area separate. 


This article focused on this query: Can chickens eat black beans? Chickens can only eat cooked varieties of black beans; raw black beans are poisonous for chickens and can kill them instantly.

We have also explained how you can feed cooked black beans to chickens and the benefits the beans offer to chickens.

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