Can Chickens eat Broccoli? 

Can Chickens eat Broccoli?

Chickens are not picky eaters and have no problem eating vegetables. However, can chickens eat broccoli? Yes! They can. Not only is broccoli safe for chickens, but it is also one of those foods that chickens adore. In this article, we will discuss what benefits broccoli can offer to chickens.

How beneficial is Broccoli for Chickens?

You probably know the answer to this question: Can chickens eat Broccoli? However, is broccoli good for chickens? Broccoli benefits chickens because it is loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Broccoli also has a high-water content and is rich in fiber and protein. Broccoli is one of the best plant-based sources of protein. One hundred grams of broccoli consist of 2.8 grams of protein. Protein is a micronutrient that is vital for the growth of chickens.

Protein also plays a key role in egg production, immunity, and other body functions. Fiber also has an important role, and fiber assists chickens with motility and digestion and can ward off pathogens such as salmonella. 

Fiber can also with extracting valuable nutrients and vitamins. Studies also indicate that fiber-rich diets release less ammonia in the droppings.

How to cook Broccoli for Chickens?


You can also serve cooked broccoli to chickens. Cooked broccoli tastes better than uncooked broccoli. Here is the method of cooking broccoli for chickens:


Before cooking the broccoli, you must wash it thoroughly. Soak the vegetable in cold water for several minutes. Then, strain the broccoli in a colander. Since you are preparing the veggie for chickens, don’t wash them with salt. 

If you feel the broccoli is not clean enough for the chickens, wash it with cold water again. Keep repeating the process until you are satisfied. 


Please don’t put the whole broccoli in a pan full of water and put it on heat. Cutting the broccoli into several pieces is better to speed up the process. 

Before you split the stems, separate them from the florets. You can also cut the florets into smaller pieces and cook them.  However, ensure the floret cuts are small enough for your chickens to eat them easily.


You can cook broccoli in many ways and even microwave the vegetable and cut it on a plastic or glass dish. However, before putting the broccoli in the microwave, drown it in a water bowl. 

While you can also blanch the vegetable, ensure you do the blanching without the salt. In the pan, cover the broccoli with water, and put on medium heat for a few minutes. No matter which cooking method you use, ensure the broccoli is tender enough for the chickens to eat.


Once your broccoli is cooked, cool it down and serve it to the chickens. However, please clean up the coop after they are done eating because leftovers will attract pests. 

How much Broccoli should Chickens eat?

Vegetables and fruits should comprise 5 to 10 % of your chickens’ daily diet. This means you should feed your chickens different varieties of veggies and fruits daily so that they receive essential nutrients. 

While there isn’t a particular amount of broccoli that is good for chickens, you should feed the vegetable in conjunction with a balanced diet.

 Also, you should give your chickens broccoli in moderation. Feeding your chickens broccoli in moderation, you can give the veggies two to three times a week. 


In this article, we focused on: Can chickens eat broccoli? Broccoli is extremely beneficial for chickens, and you can add it to their daily diet. We have also shared how you can cook broccoli for chickens. Cook broccoli is tender and more delicious than uncooked broccoli.

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