Can Chickens eat Cabbage? 

Can Chickens eat Cabbage?

Chickens are omnivores and can eat different things, such as fruits, vegetables, small animals, and meats. However, can chickens eat cabbage? Yes! Chickens can eat cabbage. Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable and belongs to the same family as kale, Radishes, and Cauliflower.

What parts of a Cabbage can Chickens consume?

Chickens can easily devour a whole cabbage, but the core and harmful stem of the vegetable may pose a few challenges. However, chickens can easily break down and digest other parts of the cabbage apart from these two parts.

Are all cabbage varieties safe for Chickens?

Yes! All types of cabbage varieties are safe for chickens. Each variety of cabbage has a unique nutrition profile and is very healthy for the chickens. Here are the cabbages that you can give to your chickens:

  • Bok Choy
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Napa Cabbage
  • Red Cabbage
  • Green Cabbage 
  • Savoy Cabbage 

What benefits does Cabbage offer to Chickens?


Hopefully, you know the answer to this question: Can chickens eat cabbage? Now we will discuss the benefits that cabbage offers to chickens. 

Cabbage can prevent Inflammation in Chickens

While inflammation in the chicken’s body is not bad because acute inflammation fights off dangerous infections, however, chronic inflammation is typically associated with dangerous diseases such as heart illnesses, inflammatory bowel disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.

While some of these diseases are uncommon in chickens, you should still know about them. Cabbage contains antioxidants that can reduce chronic inflammation in the body, and cabbage can also reduce various blood markers that result from inflammation.

Cabbage has a high content of Vitamin C

The vitamin C content in cabbage is high. Vitamin C is a nutrient that performs many body functions. The nutrient is essential for forming collagen, a protein that offers structure and flexibility to the skin. 

While green and red cabbage is excellent antioxidant sources, red cabbages have 30 % more vitamin C.

Cabbage can improve the Chicken’s digestive health

Cabbage is rich in fiber so cabbage can improve the chicken’s digestive health. Cabbage contains insoluble fiber, which is gut-friendly and promotes gut health. The fiber adds bulkiness to the chicken’s droppings and helps the chickens stay productive and healthy.

Cabbage also consists of insoluble fiber, which increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

How to give Cabbage to Chickens?

There are many ways you can serve cabbage to chickens; here are some of them:


You can boil or steam cabbages for your chickens. However, avoid feeding the chickens the leftovers. Chickens don’t need additional sugar or salt in their diet. If you want to leave the leftovers, ensure the cabbages have no seasoning.

Raw and Refrigerated

During the summer, cabbages are a refreshing and fun snack for chickens. You can put the head of the uncooked cabbage in the fridge for hours, and you can even shred the cabbage, put it into ice cube molds, and freeze it.

Cabbage Entrée

You can also serve cabbage as part of a full-course meal for the chickens. However, you should use this method in moderation. Mix these items:

  • Half a cup of shredded cabbage
  • One cup of cooked lentils
  • Four cups of groats
  • Four cups of wheat berries

These ingredients are rich in fiber and protein, so your chickens will stay fuller for a long period, and the chickens will also stay warm during the night.


In this article, we focused on: Can chickens eat cabbage? Not only can chickens eat all varieties of cabbage, but vegetable also benefits them. We have also given different ways through which you can feed cabbage to the chickens.

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