Can Chickens eat Canned Tomatoes? 

Can Chickens eat Canned Tomatoes?

Chickens can eat different things, and fruits are a regular part of their diet. However, can chickens eat canned tomatoes? Canned tomatoes are safe for chickens. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of canned tomatoes and how you can feed them to chickens.

How safe are canned tomatoes for Chickens? 

Typically, canned tomatoes are cooked, so they are safer for chickens than uncooked tomatoes. However, while canned tomatoes are safe, some varieties are packed with preservatives and salt.

These ingredients harm chickens, so please read the ingredients before purchasing canned tomatoes. 

How are canned tomatoes better than raw tomatoes?

We hope you know the answer: Can chickens eat canned tomatoes? Now let’s discuss how canned tomatoes are better than raw ones.

Canned tomatoes are better than raw tomatoes because raw tomatoes can have substances that can cause diarrhea and an upset stomach in chickens.

 Since chickens’ digestive system is sensitive, it only takes a small number of substances to make them sick. Also, canned tomatoes come without leaves and stems, which can cause digestive issues in chickens. 

How often should Chickens eat canned tomatoes?

Chickens require a diverse diet; if you overfeed them a particular item, it can make them sick.  While tomatoes are nutritious, they don’t contain all the nutrients chickens need.

That said, canned tomatoes are a soft and scrumptious item that you can give to your chickens occasionally. You can feed your chickens canned tomatoes three to four times a week.

How to feed Canned Tomatoes to Chickens?

Here are some tips for feeding canned tomatoes to chickens:

  • Feed chickens canned tomatoes only in moderation. Don’t spoil the chickens; only use the fruit as an occasional treat.
  • Slice the tomatoes into small chunks, and give them to the chickens.
  • In the winter months, you can increase the number of tomatoes you give your chickens. If the chickens consume canned tomatoes in the winter, they will generate more body heat. 

What benefits do Canned Tomatoes offer to Chickens?

canned tomatoes

While your chickens shouldn’t only rely on tomatoes, the fruit does provide chickens with minerals and vitamins that are good for their health. 95 % of a tomato is water, and the fruit has a high fiber and carb content. The three types of fibers in tomatoes are lignin, cellulose, and hemicellulose. 

These fibers can assist the chicken’s digestive system. Here are other benefits of feeding canned tomatoes to chickens:

Vitamin C

This nutrient can be an antioxidant and boost the chickens’ immune system.

Vitamin K1

This vitamin plays a crucial role in the chickens’ bone health and protects them from coccidiosis.


Potassium is a crucial nutrient for chickens, ensuring the body functions properly.


Folate, called vitamin B9, promotes tissue and cell growth in chickens. Vitamin B9 also stimulates the production of red blood cells.


After chickens consume Beta-Carotene, it turns into vitamin A.


This nutrient has anti-inflammatory properties that protect chickens from inflammation and disease.


This is a powerful nutrient that has antioxidant properties.

Also, canned or cooked tomatoes can help enrich the chicken eggs and increase their quality. If you want nutritious and delicious eggs, you should consider feeding your chickens canned tomatoes weekly.


In this article, our focus was: Can chickens eat canned tomatoes? Canned tomatoes are highly nutritious and beneficial for chickens. 

However, you must always read the ingredients of canned tomatoes before purchasing them. We have also discussed how you can feed canned tomatoes to the chickens.

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