Can Chickens eat Cereal with Milk? 

Can Chickens eat Cereal with Milk?

Chickens are not picky eaters; anything from small animals to meats, vegetables, and fruits is on the menu. 

That said, can chickens eat Cereal with milk? While chickens can eat Cereal but only with a small quantity of milk. Chickens are lactose intolerant and don’t have the necessary enzymes to digest dairy products such as milk.

How can you feed Cereal with milk to Chickens?

You can pick your favorite Cereal, mix it with nut butter and almonds and feed it to the chickens. This will give the chickens’ diet a protein boost. You can also add a few fruits, such as cranberries and blueberries, with Cereal and milk. 

Lastly, you can blend the Cereal and milk with chia or flax seeds to add fiber and lipids to the chickens’ diet. If you want, you can split the Cereal and milk in half, making it easier to eat for the chickens. 

Are Cereals beneficial for chickens?

Now that you know the answer to this question: Can chickens eat Cereal with milk? Let’s discuss how beneficial Cereal is for chickens:

Cereal is a good Power source for Chickens

Most cereals, such as cornflakes and Weetabix, have a high carb content. These cereals will offer chickens the energy they require. 

These cereals may account for over 30 % of the energy content in the chickens’ diet. If you want to keep your chickens healthy for a long time, add Cereal to their diet.

Cereal can support Digestion in Chickens

Cereals also have a high fiber content, which aids chickens in digesting food properly, and fiber also reduces the risk of bloating and constipation in chickens. There are also some fibers in cereals, such as cornflakes, that act as Prebiotics.

The prebiotics can nourish healthy bacteria in the chicken’s digestive tract and are essential for digestion. Many chicken owners feed cornflakes to their chickens for this reason.

Cereal can increase body resistance in Chickens

In addition to the other nutrients, cereals such as cornflakes are packed with numerous minerals and vitamins such as B1, B6, and B3. These vitamins benefit the Chickens’ bodies and increase their resistance to dangerous illnesses.

What Cereals can Chickens Consume?

cereal with milk

Is Dry Cereal safe for Chickens?

Selecting grains, vegetables, and fruits will keep chickens happy and provide a balanced diet. Non-sugary grains and cereals are safe for chickens, and you can feed the Cereal with a bit of milk.

Are Cheerios safe for Chickens?

Yes! You can give your chickens cheerios but only as a treat and not as a full meal. The sugar and starch content is high in Cheerios, so moderation is key.

Is Rice Krispies safe for Chickens?

Yes! Like humans, chickens can also eat Rice Krispies. However, while most cereal varieties are safe for chickens, avoid cereals with high calorie and sugar content. Like Cheerios, you should only give the Rice Krispies as occasional treats to chickens.

Are Wheat Flakes safe for Chickens?

Yes! You can feed wheat flakes to your chickens, as long as you only give them as an occasional treat and not as a regular feed. Please remember that it is essential for chickens to have a balanced diet, so they require a blend of different foods.

Are Fruit Loops safe for Chickens?

Unfortunately, tossing a bag of fruit loops to the chickens is not an idea we would recommend. Fruit Loops contain a high quantity of added sugar, making them unhealthy for chickens.

Are Honey Nut Cheerios safe for Chickens?

No! Honey nut Cheerios are not good for chickens. Honey Cheerios have a high sugar, carb, and low protein content. 


In this article, we focused on this article: Can chickens eat Cereal with milk? While chickens can eat Cereal with milk but only in small quantities since they are lactose intolerant. We also explained how you could feed chickens Cereal with milk and how beneficial Cereal is for chickens.

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