Can Chickens eat Chicken? 

Can Chickens eat Chicken?

Chickens don’t mind eating meat and will occasionally hunt and eat small animals. However, can chickens eat chickens? You will be shocked to know that chickens can eat their meat. 

In this article, we will discuss the health benefits of eating chicken for chickens and whether you should feed them chicken meat or not.

Is Chicken meat beneficial for chickens?

Chicken meat consists of several nutrients, such as vitamins B3 and B6, protein, and selenium. Chicken is lean meat with a low saturated fat content, and your chickens can benefit from all the nutrients that chicken meat provides.

Chicken meat that is free of contaminants and fresh is perfect for chickens. Chickens are omnivorous birds, meaning they eat meat and plant-based foods. 

The bodies of chickens are designed to digest plants and meat effectively, so chickens can easily derive nutrients from both foods. 

Since chicken has a high nutrient content, it is easier to eat for chickens. While it may seem off-putting or odd to feed chicken meat to chickens, there is nothing unhealthy about giving chicken to chickens.

Is raw chicken safe for Chickens?

Now that we have addressed this: Can chickens eat chicken? We can discuss whether raw chicken is safe or unsafe for chickens. Unfortunately, uncooked or raw chicken is unsafe for chickens, and uncooked chicken consists of a harmful bacteria called Salmonella. 

This bacteria can cause severe digestive problems in chickens. You must thoroughly cook the chicken meat before feeding it to your chickens, and the cooking process will eliminate Salmonella from the chicken meat.

How to feed Chicken meat to Chickens?


Here are some ways you can feed chicken meat to your chickens:

Chicken meat on a String

A great way of feeding chicken to chickens is on a piece of string. For this method, you must cook the chicken meat, cut it into small chunks, and attach each to a piece of string. You can also add vegetables and fruits to the string.

Once you have the meat on the string, you must find a hanging place. You can hang the string in the chicken coop. 

Trail Mix

This is a great way of adding protein and essential nutrients to your chickens’ diet. A trail mix is all about putting different food items together.

 Add small chunks of mealworms, chicken meat, vegetables, and fruits. However, bake or boil the chicken meat before adding it to the trail mix. 

Is it essential for Chickens to eat Chicken meat?

While we have given the benefits of chicken meat, is it essential to feed it to chickens? You can skip chicken meat and give your chickens a different protein source; other meats have the same nutrition profile as chicken meat. 

Giving chicken meat to chickens is unnecessary if you have alternatives available. While chickens have no idea they are eating their meat, some people may not find it ethical.

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Is it illegal to give Chicken meat to Chickens?

In most cases, feeding chicken meat to chickens is not illegal. However, it is always good to find out the livestock feeding rules. 

There are specific feeding rules because there have been outbreaks in the past caused by feeding animals, such as chicken animal products. 


In this article, we focused on this question: Can chickens eat chicken? While there is nothing wrong with feeding chickens chicken meat, most owners might not find it ethical.

However, chicken meat is nutritious, and we have discussed the key benefits it can offer to your chickens.

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