Can Chickens eat Corn from the Cob?

Can Chickens eat Corn from the Cob?

Chickens eat a wide array of vegetables, but can chickens eat corn from the cob? Yes! Corn from the cob is safe for chickens. In this article, we will discuss how beneficial corn from the cob is for chickens and how you can feed the corn to the chickens.

Can Chickens easily digest corn from the Cob?

Yes! Chicken doesn’t have any problems digesting corn, so you don’t need to worry about anything. Don’t forget that while humans may sometimes struggle to digest corn, chickens have a different digestive system.

Chickens may not have teeth, but they have gizzards that crunch all their food. The gizzard is a big muscle that grinds the food for the chickens. Corn will not be tough to grind for the gizzard, and the gizzard will grind the corn into small pieces, making it easier to digest for the chickens.

Is Corn from the Cob good for Chickens?

Now that we have answered this: Can chickens eat corn from the cob? We will discuss the benefits of corn for your chickens. There is no denying that corn from the cob has many essential nutrients that chickens need.

However, corn is not healthy enough to support chickens on its own. Chickens love to eat corn because it has a high fat content. 

Chickens have small-sized stomachs, so eating corn from the cob fills them up quickly. However, you should only feed your chickens corn as an occasional treat, and you can also add corn to their regular diet. If your chickens rely only on corn as a food source, their eggs may have thinner shells or lay fewer eggs than usual.

Is Clean up necessary after feeding corn to Chickens?


Cleanup is necessary after feeding chickens corn, especially cooked corn. You must remember that corn will attract other animals, such as rats, raccoons, and skunks. 

So, if you have a large quantity of corn in the chicken coop, your chickens can risk facing dangerous animals.

You should also remember that uneaten corn on the cob can get moldy. If the corn becomes moldy and the chickens haven’t eaten it in a few hours, they probably won’t eat it, so you should take it out of the coop.

Lastly, one of the main reasons why cleanup is necessary is to prevent the chickens from overfeeding. 

While corn has a high content of fiber and carbs, it lacks the protein that chickens require. 

Corn also tends to build up in the chickens’ digestive system, which leads to obesity. 

Is Raw corn from the Cob safe for Chickens?

Yes! Chickens can eat raw corn from the cob. However, cooking the corn before feeding it to the chickens is better. However, if cooking corn is difficult for you, your chickens will happily devour the raw corn from the cob.

That said, giving chickens fresh corn from the cob is important because rotten corn can make them sick. Also, if you give chickens raw corn from the cob, ensure it is not flavored.

If butter or salt is on the corn, don’t feed it to the chickens. These two ingredients can be deadly for chickens and are not good for their health.


In this article, we focused on: Can chickens eat corn from the cob? Corn from the cob is safe for chickens, but you should only give it as an occasional treat. Not only can too much corn make chickens sick, but it can also lead to obesity.

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