Can Chickens eat Corn on the Cob?

Can Chickens eat Corn on the Cob?

Chicken owners always want to provide their chickens with a well-balanced diet. However, can chickens eat corn on the cob? You will be pleased to know chickens can eat corn on the cob. In this article, we will discuss a few pros and cons of feeding corn on the cob to chickens. 

Is Corn on the Cob 100 % safe for Chickens?

Yes! Corn on the cob will be a delicious addition to the chickens’ diet. Most chicken owners grow corn but only eat a bit of it, and quite a lot of corn is left behind. Instead of tossing the extra corn in the compost pile, feed it to the chickens.

Pros and Cons of feeding Corn on the Cob to Chickens?


We hope you know the answer: Can chickens eat corn on the Cob? However, what are the pros and cons of giving corn on the cob to chickens? Most owners will feed their chickens corn on the cob for convenience.

Serving chickens corn on the cobs is easier than other food items. Corn on the cob also keeps chickens engaged because they will play with the cob for hours. Another advantage of feeding chickens corn on the cob is that it is easier to clean the coop after the chickens have eaten.

Once you have cleaned the coop, you can keep the leftover corn cobs and convert them into a snack. That said, corn has a high-calorie content, so it is important to feed chickens corn in moderation. 

If you have small-sized chickens, ensure to modify the quantity of corn you give to them. Chickens will keep eating; if they eat too much corn, they will become obese.

How to feed Chickens Corn on the Cob?

There are many ways you can feed corn on the cob to chickens. The first method is to serve corn on the cob on a tray. You can also hang the corn with a piece of string in the coop. This method is better because it will get the chickens excited and occupied.

However, while both cooked and uncooked varieties of corn on the cob are safe for chickens, it is better you cook the cob. Lastly, you must ensure you don’t add salt or flavorings, and flavorings and salt can be harmful to chickens and cause health complications.

Things to do after feeding Chickens Corn on the Cob?

Cleaning up once your chickens are done eating corn on the cob is important. Many animals, such as rats, raccoons, and skunks, are attracted to corn and will try to enter the coop. These animals are dangerous because they can kill or harm the chicken.

Secondly, mold will start to develop if you leave corn cobs for too long in the chicken coop. Chickens cannot eat moldy food because it can kill them. So please ensure you dispose of the cobs after your chickens eat.

What Nutrients are present in Corn on the Cob?

Corn offers a bit of protein and a lot of potassium to chickens. However, corn also offers fiber and carbohydrates. Chickens do not need a lot of fiber because it can make them overweight. Chickens need protein because it helps build and repair muscle and is necessary for egg production. 


In this article, we focused on: Can chickens eat corn on the cob? Corn on the Cob is safe for chickens, and you can feed it to the birds in many ways. We have also explained the pros and cons of feeding chickens corn on the cob.

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