Can Chickens eat Dandelions?

Can Chickens eat Dandelions?

Chickens are not fussy and devour anything from small animals to fruits and plants. However, can Chickens eat Dandelions? Yes! They can. In this article, we will discuss how you can feed chicken Dandelions and the plant’s health benefits.

How to feed the Dandelion plant to Chickens?

Hopefully, you now know the answer: Can chickens eat Dandelions? The whole Dandelion plant is edible for chickens and is a good food resource for free-ranging chickens. 

That said, if you keep your chickens in a coop and have limited outdoor access, you should feed them dry or fresh leaves of the Dandelion plant. 

You can also chop up the Dandelion roots, flowers, and leaves and serve the plant to the chickens. You must ensure the plant is free from harmful chemicals such as pesticides.

What are the health benefits of feeding Chickens dandelions?

A cup of raw and chopped Dandelion plant has over 1.5 grams of protein, 25 calories, 1.9 grams of fiber, 0.4 grams of fat, 5.1 grams of carbohydrates, and 0.4 grams of sugar. The Dandelion plants will be a great addition to your chickens’ diet since they have a low-calorie and high-nutrition content.

High Vitamin E content

Vitamin E is crucial for chickens and protects them against the Crazy Chick and Newcastle diseases.

High Iron content

Chickens need iron for normal cellular function and to maintain their Hemoglobin levels. Iron is also essential for protecting chickens from amenia and blood production.

High Calcium content

Calcium helps the eggs have a strong eggshell. Chickens need a certain quantity of calcium to help them form strong egg shells.

High Magnesium content

Magnesium is beneficial for maintaining the metabolism of chickens, and the mineral also aids in bone development. However, it is rare to find magnesium-deficient chickens because most chicken feeds have a high quantity of magnesium. 

High Folate content

Chickens require folate to maintain a complete diet. If chickens don’t get enough folate, they can grow poorly or die of illnesses such as amenia.

High Vitamin K content

Vitamin K converts Prothrombin to Thrombin, and vitamin K deficiency in chicken can lead to uncontrollable blood loss. When injuries occur, vitamin K is essential in blood clot formation. 

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Chickens heal best when they consume plants that have high anti-inflammatory properties. The Dandelion plant has these properties and can provide your chickens relief.

Where to get Dandelions for Chickens?

Dandelions can grow anywhere, but springtime is the best time to look for the plant. The plant has yellow and round flowers and jagged leaves. You can also buy the Dandelion plant from grocery stores during winter to feed your chickens.

Do Chickens like to eat Dandelions?

Most chickens eat the Dandelion plant without any hesitation. However, some chickens do not like eating the Dandelion plant. It always comes down to individual preference; chickens are not guaranteed to like or dislike a particular food.

However, chickens and gardens go together, and chickens will generally consume whatever grows in the garden. 

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Are cooked Dandelions safe for Chickens?

Yes! Cooked Dandelions are safe for chickens, and you can even use cooked Dandelions to make a delicious salad for your birds.

 If you plan on offering chickens cooked Dandelion, blanch them in hot water, softening them up. You can then chop the Dandelion plant into small pieces and add them to a salad or soup.


In this article, we focused on this: Can chickens eat Dandelions? Not only do chickens like eating Dandelions, but the plant also offers them several health benefits. We also explained how you could feed your chickens Dandelion.

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