Can Chickens eat Deer Corn?

Can Chickens eat Deer Corn?

Chicken owners feed their chickens different foods such as seeds, meats, vegetables, and fruits. However, can chickens eat deer corn? There is a debate going on about deer corn. 

Some chicken owners say it is unsafe due to its high-calorie content, while others think it is safe for chickens. However, deer corn is a good protein source, so you can feed it to your chickens in moderation.

How is Deer corn different from regular Corn?

Deer corn is either grown specifically for deer or is a batch of corn that is not suitable for humans to eat. Deer corn is more affordable than other corn varieties, and most farmers will set aside a portion of their land to grow deer corn. 

Is it ok to add Deer corn to the Chickens’ diet?

Yes! It is ok if you add a bag of deer corn to your chickens’ diet. However, it is always good to read the information on the bag. While corn is not safe for humans, chickens have a different digestive mechanism than us.

That said, only small quantities of deer corn are safe for chickens, and too much deer corn can lead to obesity and weight gain in chickens.

Are there any benefits of feeding Chickens Deer Corn?


We hope you know the answer: Can chickens eat deer corn? Deer corn is typically used for observing wildlife or attracting deer for hunting purposes. Deer corn is made from the whole kernel, shelled, or cracked corn.

Other ingredients in deer corn include protein, wheat, and oat pallets. The high protein content in deer corn can strengthen the muscles in chickens.

Deer corn is also an excellent carbohydrate source, providing chickens with the energy they need daily. There are traces of essential vitamins, fiber, and minerals in deer corn, which promote healthy gut bacteria and aid in digestion.

Deer corn allows chicken owners to add variety to their chickens’ diet. Minerals such as Magnesium and Phosphorus, commonly found in deer corn, are good for muscle development and bone growth.

Are there any drawbacks of feeding Chickens Deer Corn?

Chicken is a good source of fresh meat and eggs, but you must provide a healthy diet to ensure they stay healthy. Deer corn is an inexpensive way of feeding chickens. However, there are some risks you must be aware of before giving deer corn to chickens.

The fat content in deer corn is higher than in normal chicken feed mixtures, and large amounts of deer corn can harm chickens. Also, unprocessed varieties of deer corn may contain mold and parasites that can make chickens sick.

While there is no harm in adding a bit of deer corn to the chickens’ diet, it is best to give them corn as an occasional snack.

Where to get Deer corn for Chickens?

There are many online stores where you can easily get deer corn from. You can also get deer corn from local stores. Usually, the corn comes in 10- and 20-pound bags. 

However, if you grow corn in your backyard, you can prepare deer corn for your chickens with ingredients such as oats and wheat.


In this article, we tried to answer this question: Can chickens eat deer corn? While large quantities of deer corn are unhealthy for chickens, you can feed the corn in moderation.

 Deer corns also offer chickens several nutritional benefits. However, there are a few risks of feeding deer corn to chickens, and we have discussed them. You have nothing to worry about as long as you feed the deer corn as a snack.

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