Can Chickens eat Tuna?

Can Chickens eat Tuna?

Chickens are omnivorous birds, so they have varied diets. One of the biggest concerns for chicken owners is the bird’s health. Most chicken owners try to give their chickens a balanced diet to ensure that they remain healthy.

However, can chickens eat tuna? Yes, they can, and in this article, we will discuss how you can feed chickens tuna and what benefits the fish provides.

Should Chickens have Tuna in their Diet?

Tuna is a fish that is packed with various nutrients. The fish provides vitamin D, vitamin B6, iodine, selenium, potassium, and iron. 

Tuna also has a high protein content and a low-fat content. You should consider adding tuna to the chickens’ diet, as that will improve their health.

Feeding chickens tuna is the perfect way of introducing a healthy protein source to their diet. Once you add tuna to the chickens’ diet, you will see their overall health improving. Tuna can also improve chickens’ bone growth and help the birds develop strong bones as they continue to grow.

How to Feed Tuna to Chickens?

tuna fish

Now that we have addressed this question: Can chickens eat tuna? We will discuss how you can feed tuna to chickens. Chickens can eat both fresh and canned varieties of tuna. 

You should avoid feeding your chickens canned tuna or tuna that is seasoned in oil, as this can make the birds sick. 

The second thing you must do is chop the tuna into small pieces before feeding it to the chickens. This will enable the chickens to digest the fish easily. Large tuna pieces can lead to choking in chickens. Lastly, ensure you give your chickens plenty of fresh water along with the tuna.

Which Tuna Varieties are the Best for Chickens?

There are wide varieties of tuna; unfortunately, not all are healthy for chickens. Skipjack tuna is the best variety of tuna you can feed to your chickens, and this tuna has a low mercury content and is safe to consume for chickens. 

Are There Any Risks of Feeding Tuna to Chickens?

While chickens can eat tuna, there are a handful of risks you must consider before giving the fish to your birds. The biggest risk is health problems associated with processed food items and mercury contamination.

Mercury is an element that occurs naturally in certain environments worldwide. Human activities such as mining and coal burning release mercury into the atmosphere, eventually ending in the water. 

Fish absorb the mercury in water, and chickens consume mercury when they eat tuna or other fish species. Mercury can cause many health issues like heart disease, developmental delays, and neurological problems. 

You should ensure that you feed the chickens tuna occasionally. You must also remember that tuna is processed food, and most processed food is artificially altered from its natural state. 

Processed food contains several dangerous chemicals that can harm the chickens’ health.

Processed food is less nutritious than whole foods, so it should comprise a big portion of the chickens’ diet. 

Things to Look out for When Feeding Tuna to Chickens

Feeding Tuna to Chickens

You must know a few things when feeding your birds tuna. While some owners can add items to the chickens’ diet as encouragement, tuna fish is not one of those foods.

Once you feed the chickens tuna, you should monitor their health. See if the birds exhibit diarrhea, fatigue, or confusion. You should also remember that chickens should not have an excessive Vitamin D level.

A high vitamin D level in chickens can affect the chicken’s egg production and put them at risk of developing dangerous health problems. Please ensure that your chickens have a balanced diet, as they should never rely on one type of food. 


In this article, we discussed if chickens could eat tuna. While tuna is safe to eat for chickens, it should only be given to the birds occasionally. Feeding the chickens tuna properly can be a great source of healthy fat and protein. Tuna can also improve egg production in chickens and improve their health. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Tuna and Mayonnaise Safe for Chickens?

Chickens love to eat mayonnaise, and it is 100 % safe for chickens, so yes, they can eat tuna and mayonnaise.

Is Raw Tuna Safe for Chickens?

There is no problem in feeding your chickens raw tuna. Whether you give them raw or cooked tuna doesn’t matter to the chickens because they will eat everything. 

Is Tuna Salad Safe for Chickens?

A mixture of salad and tuna is the perfect treat for chickens. Chickens also adore vegetables, so you can add veggies to the salad. However, we recommend green vegetables since they have a high fiber content.

Is Tuna in Oil Safe for Chickens?

Chickens are susceptible to various health problems, especially with a heavy fat diet. Tuna in oil is a delicious option for chickens and has many benefits. While you can feed tuna in oil to your chickens, you should feed a low quantity.

If you want your birds to be healthy and happy, the chickens must have a low-fat diet. Unfortunately, tuna in oil has a slight drawback as it comes with additives.  

Please check if the product has harmful ingredients, such as sodium. If you want to permanently add tuna to your chickens’ diet, you should not choose tuna in oil. 

The good news is there is no shortage of quality Tuna in oil brands on the market, and here are the healthiest brands that you can feed to your chickens:

  • American Tuna
  • Wild Planet Albacore Wild Tuna
  • Safe Catch Elite Pure Wild Tuna

Are Tuna Bones Safe for Chickens?

Chickens adore tuna bones, and they have various nutritious benefits. However, you need to be careful of sharp edges and large-sized bones. That said, you can throw the fish head in the chickens’ diet, as it is safe to eat.

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