Can You Use Compost Instead Of Potting Soil?

Compost is an age old trick that many farmers use too. The idea is that kitchen scraps and used waste can be mixed together. It is left to decompose and produce a fertile mix for the plants. But some people want to just plant vegetables right in the compost. The compost isn’t exactly ideal for planting seeds or small plants themselves. Typically, potting soil will be used to coax plants to grow much faster. The plants can thrive with potting soil and that usually does the trick. Can you use compost instead of potting soil? The end answer might be a surprise.

Can You Use Compost Instead of Potting Soil?

Compost may be rich in nutrients, but it doesn’t suit planting seeds. The new plant needs solid dirt to grow to a big size. Potting soil is actually made to include several important factors for plants. Solid dirt is vital because a plant has to put out new roots. Compost is usually too loose and will not be suitable for root growth. That prevents the plant from growing to a mature size. That is why many plants die if they start off in a pure compost base. Gardeners should take note and avoid using compost for planting seeds. That is a smart idea and could prevent some problems.

Potted plants need ample soil and room to grow. That is why most growers recommend using potting soil for that stage. Many people are tempted to skip right to the compost pile, but that is a mistake. The compost is intended to enrich the soil which is already in the ground. That is a time honored technique and should be followed to the letter. That will result in some incredible growth for the new plant varieties. The plants will grow in good time, so there is no need to rush them with extra compost. Think ahead and use the potting soil as it is intended for plants.

Can Compost Be Used In A Garden Bed?

A garden bed is good place to grow a row of plants. Can you use compost instead of potting soil? The short answer is no, since the new plants won’t take root very well. Compost is rich, but lacks the hard soil that plants will need. Potting soil will instead be needed for the new garden row. Buy a bag of potting soil from a reputable outlet. That can be spread in the ground and then plants can be put in to place. Avoid using compost heaps to start new growth in the ground. The compost won’t have the right mixture of nutrients for the new plants.

The garden bed is a big undertaking and shouldn’t be wasted. The potting soil bags can supply the perfect foundation for a plant. The potting soil is going to be much needed, so buy a bulk quantity bag. The stock can be kept in line and people will make the project work. The plants will quickly take root with the right kind of potting soil. Using compost to start plant growth is not a good idea. The compost will be soggy and lacks the hard soil quality that plants will need in time.

When Should Compost Be Used?

Compost heaps are always useful for a farmer. They can quickly add nutrients to the garden by topping soil with compost. Compost should only be added when a plant is ready for it. Plants don’t need that much added nutrients to plant their roots. Instead, what they need is a reliable potting soil. The potting soil does come with the proper mix of nutrients and dirt. The soil is perfect for new growth and the plants will respond in kind. The plants are going to grow faster and heartier thanks to the potting soil in place.


In sum, compost does not work for new grown plants. The new roots are not able to grow in compost. The density is soggy and the nutrient mixture is off place. The potting soil is the better choice for the plants. The garden can be made whole thanks to the potting soil. Wait until plants mature a little before adding the compost on top. That strategy is bound to yield some solid plant growth.

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