How Long Does It Take For Tree Branches To Decompose

If you have tree branches lying at home, you probably want them to disappear the soonest. That is exactly the reason why many often wonder how long does it take for tree branches to decompose. There is no specific answer to this question. The overall time for decomposition will depend on the branch size, the quality of wood, the overall branch integrity, the amount of moisture in the branch, the type of temperature, and other factors. Remember, one or multiple of these factors can affect the quality of tree branches and their decomposition time.

In many situations, you will find these branches as a breeding ground for fungi. However, even fungi cannot decompose the plant fully because of different species of these fungus work at different kinds of speeds.

Usually, small branches take five to 10 years to decompose. However, if we are talking bigger branches or stumps that might stay for several years. Depending on the type of tree it usually takes around 20 to 50 years to fully decompose.

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Can you decompose trees?

If waiting two to five decades seems to be a long time for you, you might want to consider trying decomposing trees at home. Yes. You can decompose trees given you follow the below set of instructions:

Step One

Move the tree that you want to decompose in a fully shaded area. This will leave enough opportunity for fungi to thrive on it and this is particularly because fungi thrive best in wet and shady areas. Make sure the stump is properly positioned, allowing you to shade it when necessary. In case the tree is excessively heavy for moving, just leave it In the original spot to be covered up later.

Step two

As a second step, you need to drill multiple pools with a diameter of 1 inch in the trunk of your tree. Additionally, you might also need to drill these holes on the branches and the stump of the tree. You might need additional spades of power drills to do the task. Make sure the holes are deep enough, at least 12 inches, but also ensure that the other side of the branch is not drilled. You also need to ensure that the holes follow a straight line along your long’s branch’s length. The holes should have a minimum diameter of four to six inches.

Step Three

As a third step, you need to Drill the next set of holes along with the stump or the bark of the tree. Make sure these holes have a downward angle of 45 degrees. This we’ll further ensure the fertilizers don’t drain away at any point. Next, you might want to get the tree along with the stump fully sprayed with proper mist. Use a garden hose if you must to accomplish this task. Wait until a couple of hours as it will allow the water to soak into the branches.

Step four

For the fourth step, you need to Incorporate at least 4 ounces of stump removing agents to every hole beginning from the upper part of the log until the very end. If you want to avoid irritation on the skin, consider wearing gloves. Depending on the brand you choose, it may also come with a thin nozzle allowing you to squeeze out the liquid as needed.

Step Five

As a fifth step, you need to keep the tree trunk as well as the stump properly covered with some kind of moist soil or compost. This is especially important if the stump is in an area where it receives ample sunlight. You wouldn’t need to do this if you already moved the stump to a shady area.

Once the wood soaks up the liquid, start adding more amounts of it. You might need to repeat the step once in a couple of months or years depending on the quality of the tree trunk.

Step six

Make sure the tree is broken into tinier bits, once the wood assumes a spongy structure. At this point, you can easily break it with a shovel. Finally garner all the tiny pieces in a massive pile and some stump-removing concoction on it. Keep it moist. You might also want to toss the pile once in a while for faster decomposition.

Bottom Line

Now that you have a clear idea of how long it exactly takes for tree trunks and branches to decompose, you will probably have an easier time navigating through it.

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