Why Farmers Separate Sheep From Goats

Goats and sheep are considered one of the most affordable animals, and they can be accommodated in any weather conditions. They are also known as poor man’s cows and play a vital role in small and marginal farmers’ life; they can survive in any environment and require less space, minor maintenance, minimal housing requirements, and low investments as they don’t eat a lot. They also don’t have any expensive feeding and treatment.

Some crops and bushes can feed them. A ship or a goat can live a healthy and long life only if you provide them fresh water in a proper amount and food. Also, they are less prone to diseases than other domestic animals. We all have been on farms. We have noticed that farmers tend to separate their goats from their sheep, and we always think why so here are the reasons why farmers separate sheep from goats. So let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Sheep and goats are different, and also they have different fighting styles. If we talk about the fight of goats, they tend to stand on their legs and then but their heads. Still, when we speak about sheep, the males nod each other heads straight on. If sheep and goats fight, they can damage each other’s head and cause serious injuries, so it is essential to keep them separated to avoid such situations.

2. Another reason sheep and goats are kept separately is to limit the transmission of diseases. The goats can contract Sharpie from sheep, and it is widespread. This disease is caused by a prion and can cause neurological problems. There is no cure for this disease, so they are removed from their pack if any sheep or goat develops this disease. There are many other diseases that ships and goats can transmit: ringworm, rabies, chlamydiosis, etc. it Is tough to notice a sick goat or sheep among their group as there are so many.

3. Sheep can ingest too much copper, and as a result, they are highly receptive to copper poisoning, and their body is not able to break it down. The food of goats contains a high level of copper, so these two are kept separately because even making two different eating sections can not stop them messing with the food and mixing it.

It is straightforward to separate goats from your sheep with just a fence. Still, you must ensure that the fence height is according to your animal’s size because a goat can jump at least 5 feet high. It is also essential to have different drinking and feeding areas for both the animals as they have other dietary needs requirements. Also, it can get Messy if they mix their food and get sick.

Can goats and sheep live together

They can live together, but separating them to avoid disease and other problems is an intelligent choice. Many farmers do not always separate their goats from their sheep as a male goat is trained to lead a herd of sheep because goats are more intelligent than sheep. It is straightforward to teach new commands to the male goat. Sometimes, the male goat becomes a respected leader of the sheep. The sheep starts following him automatically without any training by taking just a little initiative by the herd. If you want to keep your sheep and goats together, you must be sure that they don’t have horns and they don’t fight and get hurt. You can raise the sheep and goats together as long as the ships are pulled, goats are disbanded. They both are psychological in common, but they are separated due to various diseases and different needs. The minerals consumed by a goat are harmful to sheep and have different living styles.

Raising sheep and goats together

Sheep and goats are both small ruminant animals, and they provide milk, wool, and meat. They both are psychologically identical, and many farm operators raise and keep both of them, but raising them together requires special considerations, which are as follows.


Geeps-keeping the goat and sheep separate from the herding during the breeding season is essential, whether you keep them alone or together. Keeping the females and males separated is necessary to avoid mating because they are different species. As goats have 60 chromosomes and sheep have 54 chromosomes, their meeting is possible, but it is rare and challenging.

Proper shelter 

reliable fencing and protection are essential for both goats and sheep because they are curious animals. Goats are more likely to climb and explore the other side. They are also known as escape artists. The sheep can jump high too, so it is essential to provide fencing based on their behavior, and also it is necessary to offer them a proper shelter according to their needs; for example, a sheep needs a shaded area to escape in summer, and goats are not found of rain which is why they need a place to stay dry during rainy seasons.


most goats have horns, and sheep do not have horns, which is why it is essential to keep the horn animals at the other side because if they fight, they might hurt each other.

Mineral needs

one of the most crucial points to consider while raising goats and sheep together is the required minerals. It is essential to keep their food separate, as if a ship eats the goat’s food, it can get sick because it involves a lot of copper. It is essential to give them the necessary quality food.

Final words

Sheep feel comfortable when they are gathered together, and separating them can be disturbing and frightening. Both goats and sheep are raised for their hair, wool, and pelts and are small livestock animals. They are among the most popular livestock animals because they are affordable and have physical and behavioral characteristics differences. It is essential to observe them properly so that if any one of them is sick, you can separate it on time before anyone else catches its disease.

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